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DappHero has been OpenSourced. DappHero will be retired at the end of 2020. Update: The DappHero Codebase (the code that the DappHero Team created) is now in the public domain. This does not include whatever code DappHero is built upon and has it's own license (for example: React). This only applies to the code that DappHero wrote. The code will remain freely accessible here:

Welcome! Vítejte! Bienvenido! Willkommen! Καλώς ορίσατε! أهلا وسهلا! 歡迎! ようこそ! स्वागत!

Now that we're introduced, let's talk about what DappHero is!

DappHero is a simple low-code/no-code tool that lets you easily connect blockchain to your website, small business, portfolio, online store, blog, and much more! Our goal is to empower you to connect blockchain to all the things, without needing to code! Our motto is you do you. 🙌

Tell me more!

DappHero is a small plugin that runs inside your webpage and connects your elements to blockchain. After adding DappHero to your website, label each element you want to connect to the blockchain, then we do all the work. When your users come to your site, the blockchain is automagically there!

Converting an existing website to a blockchain-powered masterpiece takes only a few moments, and when users visit your site, the blockchain is ready and waiting!

Take a look at the original video that started it all!

Is this for me?

Yes! We are working hard to make DappHero accessible to everyone starting with you: the creator, designer, visionary, and entrepreneur! All without needing to know how to code.

We promise, if you are already here- then DappHero is for you. We made this documentation to help you get up and running quickly.

‌ We are building DappHero for people who may have little-to-no experience coding, but DappHero is just as powerful, if not more, if you have some experience designing with HTML.

Fans of no-code will be happy to see that we work with popular no-code tools like WebFlow. For our HTML fans, you can start designing directly in tools like Glitch, or even by hand! It only takes a couple lines of HTML to turn your page into a full-blown Ethereum powered website!

Want to brush up on your HTML skills? Check out:

Note for our Alpha Users!

Currently in our Alpha version users are required to use MetaMask, it can be installed here. In future versions of DappHero we will remove this requirement and you and your users will have an entirely seamless experience when connecting to Ethereum.

Additionally because we are in Alpha there may be bugs or errors in the code. Be very careful when interacting with smart contracts on main-net or when sending ether and inform your users to double check their transactions. We make no guarantees or warrantees!

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