Bug Bounty

Get paid to find bugs!

Bugs already found currently in the queue to be fixed:

July 14, 2020 : there is an error when trying to generate an HTML page with an incomplete/malformed contract

July 14, 2020: there is an error when copying an ABI from Remix in that the methods tab for contracts does not properly display the method HTML.

(note the date above was wrong, it should have been 14/15, not 24/25!)

July 15, 2020: There is an error for login with google.

So far two bug bounties of $25 have already been claimed and the bugs fixed!

Get Started

While we are in Beta, we're creating a Bug Bounty to help us find bugs. We are paying out a token amount of DAI to show our appreciation. It's not a ton, but we do want to show we care!

$25 USD in DAI

For any bug in the User Interface hosted at DappHero.io. This can be problems with the login, problems with the UI (functional, not just aestetic) or anything in that realm. If something is broken or not working correctly on the website, that will probably count, so let us know!

$50 USD in DAI

For any bug found in the actual DappHero core engine that runs client-side in users browsers. There are some exceptions that will be at our own discretion: sometimes Web3 and Ethereum can perform in strange ways.


To get a bug bounty you need to do a couple things, first you must email the bug information to us at: dennison@dapphero.io. Please do not post the bug in the Telegram group or in the forum. We want to have a chance to fix it before we make it public.

Second, to get the payout, you must confirm for us in your email that you are not a person on the US sanctions list, nor a resident/citizen of any country on the US sanction list.

Third, we might not list the bugs that are found, but you will have to trust us if we say the bug has already been reported. There might be some bugs for which we decide not to fix right now, we will try to make that list of bugs public, but again, you're going to have to trust us on that one.

Terms and Conditions

So, there are some caveats. Bug bounties are at our own discretion. We will try to get back to you within 7 days for a bug report. We may, at any time, limit the total number of bounties we give out. We might stop the program without telling anyone. This is intended to thank our users and beta-testers, so please keep everything civil. Thanks!

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