Add DappHero Elements

How to label your elements

Creating new DappHero Elements in WebFlow is a straightforward task. Using the Custom Attributes panel, any element you create in WebFlow can be labeled with tags to enable DappHero functionality.

Adding DappHero Custom Attribute

To turn an ordinary element into a DappHero Element, you need only to give it a custom attribute to tell it how you want it to work. To add the Network Feature to an element

This will put the custom attribute "data-dh-feature" on your <div> element with the value network. When WebFlow eventually generates HTML, the output HTML will look something like this:

<div data-dh-feature="network">...</div>

This tells the DappHero engine that this element is meant to connect to the Network Feature, and it will inject the data from network into the Div when your user visits your website.

Learn more about Custom Attributes at Webflow:

To learn more, we highly recommend you watch this short video from WebFlow about how to add custom elements:

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