Listening to Events

Getting advanced functionality

This documentation describes functionality that is in development. For latest version check the nightly build.

For more advanced builders looking to use external scripts to add custom functionality to DappHero powered websites, we are in the process of exposing events.


Listening to events gives you the ability to "monitor" the DappHero engine and react to changes in the state of the blockchain or smart contracts. Events can be used from HTML javascript, jQuery scripts, React or any Javascript Framework.

Adding an Event Listener

To add an event listener in Javascript you would use the following code. In this example, the code will print "DappHero loaded" as soon as DappHero has loaded and is ready.

document.addEventListener("dappHeroConfigLoaded", ({ detail: dappHero }) => {
      // Inside here you can listen to any event you want	
      console.log("DappHero loaded")

For smart contracts, to listen to a change, for example to monitor the success or failure of a transaction, you would use:

document.addEventListener("dappHeroConfigLoaded", ({ detail: dappHero }) => {
        dappHero.listenToTransactionStatusChange(data => {	
                console.log("Listening to transactionStatusChange", data);	

The data object will contain information about the current action taking place, the status and the contract method Name. This will fire on any smart contract change made in the browser. In the case of auto-invoke this can be very noisy. To filter for specific smart contract method you can evaluate the data.mythodNameKey.value to see if it matches the specific smart contract method you are interested in.

Complete Example

To listen to the smart contract method transferTokens from a script (possibly jQuery) you would use the following code. It will fire whenever a user or auto-invoke interacts with the smart contract method transferTokens.

      document.addEventListener("dappHeroConfigLoaded", ({ detail: dappHero }) => {  
      const methodName = 'transferTokens'
      dappHero.listenToTransactionStatusChange(data => {	
        if(data.methodNameKey.value === methodName) 
        console.log(`Listening to change in ${methodName}`, data);	

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