Advanced: $URL

Set the Collectible Feature instance via URL query params


To set data-dh-property-asset-token-id , data-dh-property-asset-owner-address , and data-dh-property-contract-address via the URL bar, we can use the special value: $URL

This can be a very handy feature for creating dynamic websites that can display a list of Collectible tokens in a dynamic way. Consider for example a webpage that shows a list of tokens owned by user, but then when a user clicks on a particular token in that list, it loads a new webpage that now shows only a single token.

To do this could be very complicated, but with DappHero $URL query params we've created a shortcut to allow you to create dynamic and exciting experiences around Collectible tokens. By allowing the use of query params, users can now create a single template for their Collectible features without hardcoding any variables. Users can load the same HTML file in their browser but with different query params and it will load different sets of Collectible tokens.

$URL Query Params can only be used by a single Collectible feature instance per webpage.

To use the $URL special variable, simply replace the token-id, owner-address, or contract-address with the value $URL and the DappHero engine will search for the values from the browsers URL bar.


        <img data-dh-property-asset-json-path="image_url" />
        <h3 data-dh-property-asset-json-path="name"></h3>

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