Getting Started with Webflow

A powerful no-code tool that works with DappHero

DappHero is fully equipped to work with Webflow, a popular drag-and-drop no-code tool for building websites. After adding a Script tag to your Webflow project, you can access all the power of DappHero by adding tags to your elements directly in the Webflow interface.

To get started on Webflow:

  • Signup to Webflow and create an account

  • (Quick Start) Clone a pre-made template from the DappHero team page and change the script tag

  • (Clean Start) Create a new project and add a script tag (requires a paid Webflow plan)

  • Start building your site, using DappHero tags

Signup To Webflow

Clone a template

Once you are signed into Webflow, you can revisit the DappHero team page and choose a template to start with. Click "clone" to create a copy of the template to your account.

Create your Project

After you the template to your account, you can click "Create" to start editing.

Change the Script tag

Each template comes with a script tag already added. If you have added custom smart contracts to your project, you will want to change the script tag for the one in your DappHero Project.

Edit your page settings

Note: the DappHero script tag needs to be added to each page you wish to enable DappHero.

Copy the script tag from your project

Paste or Edit your Script Tag

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