A list of things we are working on here at DappHero!

Nightly Builds

Monday, May 18th, 2020

  • Alpha V2 is now active. The main.js script tag now has all mainline features including collectibles. Bug releases are forthcoming. Until then there won't be any new nightly builds as we move towards beta.

Nightly Builds

  • Latest nightly build: (Nightly builds are experimental)

    • main-05-14-2020.js

      • Improved support for Collectibles and Smart Contract Events.

    • main-05-11-2020.js

      • Improved support for the $THIS keyword

    • main-05-08-2020.js

      • Support for smart contract events

    • main-05-06-2020.js

      • Add auto-clear property for inputs.

    • main-05-04-2020.js

      • fix for collectibles

    • main-05-01-2020.js

      • ethUserBalance now updates faster

    • main-04-27-2020.js

      • various improvements

Sunday, April 26, 2020

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